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This one in purples and blues. I like the colors on this one a lot. The purple really changes to almost white at times. Here it is on a different background. Advertisements

This started as 13 (ack!) strips of 1″ X 6″ glass stacked in between dams and fused to make a “chunk” of layered glass. There’s pink, green and two blues in the pieces, but the two blues are hard to spot. You have to look pretty hard to see the difference. Then I cut the […]

This one has a history but I kept it because I like the colors and may recreate it “algun buen dia.” I made this one in class and when it was fused, it was stacked on top of another piece of the same size. That piece belonged to another student and the piece of paper […]

Squares 1


This is another early piece. It’s 8″, fused and slumped. Again, I like the colors. I think though, if I do this type of piece again, I’ll not use transparent glass. The first bottom square on the third row is transparent iridescent.

First Plate


Not to be confused with first base… this was my first glass project. This was the class where I learned to Cut Glass. Woo. The pieces were cut and fired once to fuse them, then that piece was put onto a mold and fired again to slump it into the mold. That’s how it got […]

Gazing Ball


This is something I’ve wanted to do since I first became interested in tile work. Take old stuff and make it into cool new stuff. This was a bowling ball in a former life. It was quite empowering to draw on it with a Sharpie. The pattern reminds me of the square peg in a […]

Or at least a lot of practice at it! This is a 5″ plate that was fused and slumped. And the side view showing the depth: