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Pink Pendant


This is a pink striker over white. I love the shading and something about the shape appeals to me, even though it’s asymmetrical (which is so not me!). Advertisements

In Part 1, we saw the ungrouted and grouted versions of this one. Here it is with the painted sides to make it complete. This is the sun in its final resting spot… … on the Wall-O-Suns.

… and certainly not the last one. This isn’t even a really early one. It just happens to be one I took photos of with my new digital camera. I like the colors (I know I say that all the time.). And I like the air bubble. Apparently I’m going to be one of those […]

Mosaic Mirrors


This is a pair of mirrors for the Shrek-colored bedroom. These are fun because they are made with a little bit of everything… smalti, glass beads, dichroic glass, old jewelry, Mexican milagros, buttons, keys, coins and even Scrabble tiles.