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Here’s another pendant made with that wavy dichro. This was cut into three strips and capped. Advertisements

This is my second spread in the Lyrics book. This is a little different than what I posted on 12 Feb 08. Here’s one with all of the little tidbits removed from the pockets on the left. Each of them has some sort of something on the back side. All together, they tell a bit […]

This is my first spread in the Lyrics book. There are several “firsts” for me on this page. The tag says “Prima donna lord you really should have been there, sitting like a princess perched in her electric chair.” Also on the page “You play alone.” Elton John fans will recognize these lines from Someone […]

Here are the front and back covers of my Lyrics book. This is a round robin and I dropped this off at the post office today. That’s a real record on the front of the book. And a real plastic insert thinggy. I will add more to the spine when the book gets back home. […]

Here’s the second piece of glass using the pink, blue and green colors in my bedroom. This piece adds an additional color… purple. Here’s a link to the first piece.

Here’s a spread from my Lyrics book. This is a round robin book. I can’t wait to see how this comes back. This is a 3 and 3/8ths-inch children’s board book. This spread includes pages from multiple books, including a world atlas, part of that same spine from the German-Italian dictionary, collage, dichroic glass, and […]

Recently I took a really cool class with Patricia DiBona of DiBona Designs. I made this triptych. No, it’s not something you get before heading out on a road trip. It’s art that has three side-by-side parts usually connected by hinges. I really liked the class because I learned so many new techniques. This is […]