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After my first experiment with metal inclusions, I happened across someone who was kind enough to share her techniques with me. This was done with float glass, which I cleaned meticulously. I made some large frit to place around the metal pieces in an effort to reduce bubbles. So far, so good. Except I neglected […]

These are sample custom steampunk goggle lenses I made as examples. I really like the blue lens. I wonder how well it will show up on a dark colored hat though. I think the lighting makes all the difference. These are available for custom order in my Etsy store.

Here’s a close up of my entry in Sharon’s BookMooch Journal called “Script It.”

Cool Pendant


This one catches all kinds of light and color. it’s blue, purple and green with some dichroic glass to add dimension. This is tack fused, meaning it has a bumpy texture – one that you want to touch. This pendant is available on my Etsy store. Drop on by!

Hot Pendant


This is one of those pieces that is simple yet eye-catching. Red with stripes of yellow and orange make for some bright colors. The black background is actually the cover of the new Eric Clapton biography. I like the graininess of the black and the red is a nice contrast. This is available at my […]

I have a thing about odd numbers. I watch the HGTV shows. I know they say to group things in odd numbers. It seems asymmetrical and wrong to me. So I have lots of even numbered things and I’m good with it. Here’s the Shrek Green Series finally installed. You can see piece 1 here […]

After struggling with what to hang on this wall – and I do mean struggling – I decided I had to have some sort of color during the lengthy process of trying to find the right water picture or the right skeletons picture or the right skeletons at the water picture. So I made this […]