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Tardis Pendant


Here’s my first version of the Tardis pendant. It’s 2.75″ tall, but much larger on the inside.

There are my first attempts at Zentangle. After I got into it, I did find that relaxing state that I keep reading about. Perhaps something to consider for the future! These went into the BookMooch Journal Zentangle and are on their way to the next Zentangler.

Cat Lens


I ran across something today that made me think of this wreath: I think I made this in 2000. Just think… this was when we had cameras that stored images on floppy disks! As much as I love all the colors in this one, and I’ve made several of these things, my favorite is still […]

This might look familiar if you’ve looked through some of the other glass pieces here. It’s not been done on this small of a scale. This piece is listed on my Etsy store. ETA: Oh, joy. WordPress has tweaked image settings… again.

Don’t they look excited? Hair all over the place and skirts all a-flutter? Final Destination: