Marble Gazing Ball in progress…


This is another marble gazing ball I’m working on. Who knew finding marbles would be such a challenge?



2 Responses to “Marble Gazing Ball in progress…”

  1. 1 Heather

    I’m in search of marbles…

    I went to an antique store today and asked about them, not realizing that there are highly collectible marbles. Do you have any useful nuggets of info to impart?

    Where did you find the marbles, and about how many are used per bowling ball?

  2. 2 Alicia

    They are trickier to find than you would think! 🙂 Hobby Lobby has all kinds of flat marbles, but in the round variety they only have clear, red and a kind of pink-orange color. I’ve pulled marbles out of Chinese Checker games I’ve found at thrift stores. I bought some from a man who sells vintage toys (not inexpensive, but they looked great). I don’t have a great answer for where to find them. I’ve even looked on ebay with not much luck.

    As for the number of marbles, that’s an excellent question. I have no idea! I’ve considered trying to figure it out by weight, but the marbles are different sizes, so I’m not sure that would give me anything but an estimate.

    Good luck with your search and if you run across any good sources, please do feel free to pass them along!


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