Ties That Bind – A Collaboration of Love


In September of last year, I posted about this charm I made and contributed to a project called Ties That Bind. This is a collaborative art project that will benefit the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. The goal is to raise $10,000. As this project has progressed, I have been amazed at how far a little help from a lot of people can go. So many amazing artists contributed to this project and I have enjoyed discovering their talents by finding them via this project.

Image from the book "Ties That Bind: A Collaboration of Love"

Image from the book "Ties That Bind: A Collaboration of Love"

There are a number of links with additional info and ways you can support the project:

  • Additional pictures
  • Buy raffle tickets to win the doll- tickets are 1 for $5 or 6 for $20. The drawing will be 30 Sep 09.
  • Make a donation
  • If you’re near Modesto, CA, you can go see the doll on display.
  • Please take a minute to vote for the project to be featured on the cover of this magazine. The exposure would be great and this takes less than a minute of your time. Voting ends, Fri 24 Jul 09.
  • And finally, take a look at the book! You can view some of the pages inside and it’s available for purchase. The preview pages look awesome!

Thank you in advance for helping in any way you can.


3 Responses to “Ties That Bind – A Collaboration of Love”

  1. 1 Kris

    YOU rock! Thanks Alicia!

  2. 2 Sharon

    What a cool project! I voted for the photo too.

  3. 3 Alicia

    Thanks for voting, Sharon!

    And Kris – thank you!!

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