Ties That Bind: A Phone Call


Loyal readers (all three of you) will remember me talking about Ties That Bind, a collaborative art project benefitting ovarian cancer research. One of the organizers, Kris Henderson, posted about a phone call she received today:

This morning I got a phone call from a lovely lady who is just finishing up chemo. She has ovarian cancer. She saw the article in our local newspaper about our project and went to see her at Artel Art Center.

This woman nearly brought me to tears. She was so thankful and excited about our project. She said she woke up sick and exhausted the other day but when she read the article and went to see the doll she felt better. I said that was wonderful…and she said no seriously, I felt better. I felt loved.

You see….this is what it is all about. I am sending her our book today and told her to share it with her support group because we want to reach others just like her.

We are doing some serious good you guys.

Wow. That gave me chills! The project still has a way to go to meet the goal of $10,000 for the OCRF. There’s more info in my previous post on ways to help with the project. And if you’re interested in purchasing the book, there’s now a discount code:

Use the following code to receive $10.00 off


book cover


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