Greetings! I know some of you must be wondering if I have a brain injury. I don’t. At least not that I know of. I do have a very left-brained “real job” and if I don’t nourish the right side, well, all work and no play makes you-know-who a you-know-what.

I generally play in altered books, art journals, mosaics and fused glass. I used to facilitate the BookMooch Journals project. If you are an art journaler and would like to be involved in swaps, do checkout the site.

I also have shops set up on Etsy and Made it Myself. (Currently closed.)

I enjoy traveling, reading, music and red wine. I like all things Disney and most things Mexican and have a love for all things “Day of the Dead” related.

Thanks for stopping by!


One Response to “About”

  1. Hi Alicia. I came across you work on Etsy and it is absolutely amazing! I own a children’s art and music program that has local artists and musicians do art and music projects with students in public schools that serve a large number of children from low-income households. I’d love for you do do a project with a group of our students. Although your work would be voluntary, we will supply all of the materials and space. The finished project will be on permanent display in the school with a plaque that will include info about you. Please email me if this sounds like something you may be interested in doing. We begin program the second week in September and go through the remainder of the school year. I am so happy I had the opportunity to view your work and hope to hear form you soon.
    Many Blessings,

    Meisha Card, Founding Director
    Threshing Floor Academy

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