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Loyal readers (all three of you) will remember me talking about Ties That Bind, a collaborative art project benefitting ovarian cancer research. One of the organizers, Kris Henderson, posted about a phone call she received today: This morning I got a phone call from a lovely lady who is just finishing up chemo. She has […]

3 X 3 Canvas


Rebecca Salcedo from my Etsy Team, Team NorGa, inspired me to get off my make some time to complete the 3 X 3″ canvases I have for the Art House Canvas Project II. These had to be postmarked today and I’ve waited ’til the eleventh hour, but they are in the mail. Yay me! Here’s […]

This is my contribution for the Ties That Bind project. The project benefits Ovarian Cancer. Here’s what it’s about: A hand made doll created with heart and soul, donning hand embellished men’s dress ties and hand born charms. 100% of the profit goes to the OCRF, in support of their mission to help ovarian cancer […]

What to do when big projects are stalled and there’s still the need to accomplish something creative and fun? I found this kit on Belinda’s blog (Crazy Art Girl) and purchased it in her Etsy shop. I sat down last night to work on this and finished it in one evening! I love that instant […]

Don’t they look excited? Hair all over the place and skirts all a-flutter? Final Destination:

Some recent BookMooch Journal entries: From the journal called Fetish, this corset is made from vinyl. The pink ruffles are made of duct tape and it’s all laced-up with pink yarn. My entry in the Journal Five Toes. Figure eight as double four Figure four as half of eight If you skate, you would be […]

What I learned: Old habits die hard. At 3:30 this morning, I was reminded of college. Usually between 3 and 5 am, mere hours before a major paper would be due, a similar scene would be taking place. I would be writing and my good friend would be typing behind me. His paper had been […]