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I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. I happened upon some blank journals and they were a good price, so I bought them. These are the 26 alphabet journals I recently released into the BookMooch Journal project. I still have most of the pictures to upload, but at least all of the journals […]



Here’s my entry in the BookMooch Journal “M is for…“

My contribution to the BookMooch Journal Into the Mouth of Desire: From the journal Awesome 80s:

This is something i started in an airport. It traveled with me then came back to hang out on my desk until I finished it today. In airline speak, it means “arrival unknown.”

There are my first attempts at Zentangle. After I got into it, I did find that relaxing state that I keep reading about. Perhaps something to consider for the future! These went into the BookMooch Journal Zentangle and are on their way to the next Zentangler.

Here’s a close up of my entry in Sharon’s BookMooch Journal called “Script It.”

This is an altered book and one of the BookMooch Journals. It was released today. Covers and spine. The title.