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Mosaic mirror made of sea glass in shades of purple, blue and green. It has a white ribbon hanger. Advertisements

Here’s my piece for the silent auction at the ARTSALE! This is an upcycled pink bowling ball covered in clear iridescent marbles.The varying colors in the bowling ball cause this to have a different look from every direction.

Here are a couple of things I made for the Team NorGa swap. The theme for this month’s swap was the color green. My swap partner, Jenn, has two stores on Etsy. Here’s a mosaic mirror done in shades of green. It includes smalti, mirrored tile, buttons, glass marbles, a crayon, porcelain, dice, vintage jewelry […]

Here is an image of the finished gazing ball. I decided to cover the whole thing, rather than leaving the bottom uncovered so it would stay put without a stand. I like the elevation the stand provides and the ball can be turned to show off some of the different marbles. I used a combination […]

This is another marble gazing ball I’m working on. Who knew finding marbles would be such a challenge?

Here’s a new mirror I’ve finished. I love that there is so much to look at here. Every time I look at it, something else catches my eye. This has a little bit of everything. Several kinds of tile, fused glass, marbles, game pieces, dice, buttons, vintage jewelry and beads. It’s available at my Etsy […]

After struggling with what to hang on this wall – and I do mean struggling – I decided I had to have some sort of color during the lengthy process of trying to find the right water picture or the right skeletons picture or the right skeletons at the water picture. So I made this […]