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Here’s my first Pay It Forward (PIF) item listed on Etsy. I really like the idea of this and thanks go to Lois at FoxyGKnits for introducing me to PIF. Advertisements

Four different shades of orange (one transparent), actually. Though it’s difficult to tell. This is a work in progress. 7-and-a-quarter inches square. Interesting note to self: It took almost as long to clean the pieces as it did to cut and assemble them.

Here’s a vibrant purple and pink (but mostly purple) fused glass pendant. Because it’s dichroic glass, the color changes depending on the angle. Both of these images are the same pendant: This pendant is my entry in the Etsy Team NorGa’s Mardi Gras Challenge. Check out the post, make a comment and you could win […]

Here’s the Tardis. It’s fused glass in an 8X10″ wooden frame with black mat. This is now listed in my Etsy shop has been sold.

Mini Me. They are still on the shelf until I decide how I want to correct the light on top. And have the time to do so, of course. Also, this was my first attempt at using CMC with white powder (See the “Police Box” text). It didn’t keep the same form and shape as […]

Here’s a new mirror I’ve finished. I love that there is so much to look at here. Every time I look at it, something else catches my eye. This has a little bit of everything. Several kinds of tile, fused glass, marbles, game pieces, dice, buttons, vintage jewelry and beads. It’s available at my Etsy […]

Tardis Pendant


Here’s my first version of the Tardis pendant. It’s 2.75″ tall, but much larger on the inside.