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Four different shades of orange (one transparent), actually. Though it’s difficult to tell. This is a work in progress. 7-and-a-quarter inches square. Interesting note to self: It took almost as long to clean the pieces as it did to cut and assemble them. Advertisements

Transparent orange on clear glass with black pieces from the vitrigraph class I took. It’s strung with beads and buttons.

Here’s a new mirror I’ve finished. I love that there is so much to look at here. Every time I look at it, something else catches my eye. This has a little bit of everything. Several kinds of tile, fused glass, marbles, game pieces, dice, buttons, vintage jewelry and beads. It’s available at my Etsy […]

Hot Pendant


This is one of those pieces that is simple yet eye-catching. Red with stripes of yellow and orange make for some bright colors. The black background is actually the cover of the new Eric Clapton biography. I like the graininess of the black and the red is a nice contrast. This is available at my […]

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