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Oooh, shiny!


Here’s a new pendant I recently added to my Etsy shop. Advertisements

This is a commissioned piece done in shades of purple dichroic glass. I love the misty-looking effect here. Here’s another pic with different lighting:

Here’s my first Pay It Forward (PIF) item listed on Etsy. I really like the idea of this and thanks go to Lois at FoxyGKnits for introducing me to PIF.

Here’s a vibrant purple and pink (but mostly purple) fused glass pendant. Because it’s dichroic glass, the color changes depending on the angle. Both of these images are the same pendant: This pendant is my entry in the Etsy Team NorGa’s Mardi Gras Challenge. Check out the post, make a comment and you could win […]

Slide Pendant


This is a slide pendant I made using some new dichroic glass. I like the pattern in this.

Mini Me. They are still on the shelf until I decide how I want to correct the light on top. And have the time to do so, of course. Also, this was my first attempt at using CMC with white powder (See the “Police Box” text). It didn’t keep the same form and shape as […]

What to do when big projects are stalled and there’s still the need to accomplish something creative and fun? I found this kit on Belinda’s blog (Crazy Art Girl) and purchased it in her Etsy shop. I sat down last night to work on this and finished it in one evening! I love that instant […]